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Our Terms

When booking a service with us you agree to these terms. If you disagree, please do not book. Please pay your invoice immediately upon booking. The time & date of your appointment isn’t confirmed until you have paid for the service. Once you request an appointment online our friendly customer service representatives will contact you to confirm your appointment via phone. All unpaid invoices are subjected to cancellation. 

Appointment Cancellations without 24 Hour Notice: All appointments that are not cancelled within 24 hours from booking the appointment will not receive a refund for services, but instead we will credit your account for a future cleaning service. If you are not available to let your technician or cleaner in your home, please notify us at the time of booking. 

In the event that we are unable to access your unit and you are not there the full amount of the service will be billed without the possibility of a refund and be charged a $25 cancellation fee. If you are running late or if you have any questions or concerns you may reach our office or your cleaner via email, via phone, or via our app. In the event that you cancel your appointment after 24 hours of booking it, a refund will not be provided.

All clients have the right to reschedule their appointment. We kindly ask if you or someone in your household is not feeling well or have COVID-19 symptoms to reschedule your appointment for a later date. We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances may cause you to reschedule your appointment. In the event that you must reschedule your first appointment, it’s free under the conditions that you advise us at least 48 hours in advance. Any other rescheduled appointments will accumulate a $25 charge for each reschedule. When cleaners arrive during your scheduled arrival window if we ring the doorbell/knock on the door, call, and send a text and we do not get a response or if cleaners have to wait for your arrival, they will only wait up to 15 minutes before heading to their next appointment and you will need to pay a cancellation fee and reschedule your appointment.

Service Terms

Appointments will have a 2 hour arrival window. All appointments are serviced based on the number of bedrooms, type of package, and time that is chosen by the client. If your home has not been professionally cleaned in more than 4 weeks, please let our staff know at time of booking so we can add-on an extra scrubbing fee to the appointment. If you have purchased add on’s, those will be the first tasks cleaned during your cleaning appointment. Any other additional tasks may be cleaned with the additional time left for the appointment. Any additional time passed the assigned cleaning time is subjected to an additional fee.  Cleaning time is based upon man power hours.

For example if you have a 3 hour cleaning and 2 cleaners arrive each cleaner would work for 1.5 hours vs. 1 cleaner for 3 hours. If there is severe clutter, we will try our best to clean as best as possible, but this will take away from the actual cleaning time.

If you have dogs and or cats, please let us know at time of booking.  Also, we ask if you could put your pets up so they do not disturb the cleaners while on the job.  We are not a mold, mildew, rust, grout, or floor restoration team. We cannot handle animal or human urine/feces, roaches/pest, crime scene/blood, vomit, cat litter boxes, unsafe, or bio-hazardous tasks. Finally, we do not climb ladders or move furniture.

If our cleaners feel unsafe on location, we have the right to cancel the appointment.

Our cleaners are not responsible for any parking fees. Customers should provide and cover parking fees prior to the cleaner beginning the appointment.

All of our cleaners will follow social distancing rules during your service. We ask that you allow a distance of 6 feet between you and your cleaner during your appointment at all times.  We recommend, but not require our cleaners to wear their face masks while at the appointment.

Satisfaction Check

To ensure the best service has been provided please walk through your home with our cleaners to make sure that each room is cleaned to your expectations prior to your cleaner leaving your home. Cleaners are required to take before and after photos of their work. If there are any areas that you would like cleaned to your standards that have not been done, the cleaner will go over those areas at that time. Azure Lux’s staff cannot be held liable for claims of uncleaned or damaged areas if something is not brought to our attention at time of final walk through, if opting out of needing/wanting to do a walk through with your assigned professional, you do not return home at the end of the appointment prior to the professional leaving, or you return home after the assigned cleaning time. Once a final walk through is completed and or cleaner has left premises all sales are final/no refunds.


Move-In/Out Cleaning Terms

Homes that do not have any furniture in the home and empty will be considered as a move in/out cleaning. If you still have furniture in your home, please be advised that you book cleaning services after the furniture has been moved out. Standard cleaning tasks such as vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, and dusting will not be done.  We do need running water and lights to clean. We do not move furniture or appliances. Azure Lux will not be responsible for theft or damage to any items in the home that may be left unattended.

After reading and agreeing to the terms, please complete our questionnaire below prior to your cleaning appointment:

Required Questionnaire Prior to Appointment


Azure Lux Cleaning is a professional residential and commercial cleaning company. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and efficient ways to clean. 


Standard Checklist

Move-In/Out Checklist



Service Terms 


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